Editorial Team

Contact: Enquiries about the journal or about this site may be sent to jsmi@musicologyireland.com

Editorial Board:

  • Brian Bridges (Ulster University)
  • Michael Liam Gorry (Queen's University Belfast): JSMI Site Manager and Production Editor
  • Helen Lawlor (Dundalk Institute of Technology): Executive Editor, jsmi-exec@musicologyireland.com
  • Maria McHale (TU Dublin Conservatoire)
  • Estelle Murphy (Maynooth University): Copyeditor
  • Tríona O’Hanlon (Independent Scholar): Copyeditor
  • Adrian Smith (TU Dublin Conservatoire): Reviews Editor, jsmi-reviews@musicologyireland.com
  • Laura Watson (Maynooth University
  • Michael Lee (Maynooth University)


Advisory Board:

President of the Society for Musicology in Ireland: John O'Flynn (Dublin City University) Film Music; the Sociology of Music; Popular Music; Contemporary Genres/Practices of Music in Ireland; Intercultural Music; Music and Identity; Vocal and Choral Music; Music Ethnography; Music and Tourism; Music in Higher Education

Christina Bashford (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) British Music; Commodification of music; Class, gender and national identity; Music in times of war 

Michael Beckerman (New York University) Czech and Eastern European music; Musical Form and Meaning; Film Music; Music of the Roma; Music and War; Music in the Concentration Camps; Jewish Music; Music and Disability

Barbara Kelly (Royal Northern College of Music Manchester) French music and culture in the 19th and 20th centuries; Music and war; Music and national and religious identity; Music and anti-Semitism in France 

Miguel Mera (City University of London) Composition for the moving image; Film, television and video game sound; Contemporary instrumental, electronic and digital music; Popular music; Collaborative processes in music creation

Gerry Smyth (Liverpool John Moores University) Irish popular music; Irish literary history; Modernism; Music and literature; Posthumanism and ecocriticism

Reinhard Strohm (University of Oxford) Music history of the 14th to 18th centuries; Opera; Postmodern views of musicology

Martin Stokes (Kings College London) Ethnomusicology and anthropology of music; Middle East and Europe popular music and culture; Social and Cultural Theory

Harry White (University College Dublin) Fux; Irish literature and cultural history; History of Musicology since 1945; Concepts of servitude and autonomy 1700–50

Christoph Wolff (Harvard University) J. S. Bach; Mozart

Susan Youens (University of Notre Dame, Indiana) German song; Franz Schubert; Hugo Wolf